Midsouth Food Bank

Project #1: Mid-South Food Bank

Their Mission:  “Bringing the food-insecure population from hunger to health through collaborative partnerships and the effective distribution of nutritious food in our communities.”

Their Vision:  “Changing lives by eliminating food insecurity throughout our Mid-South communities.       

C + C Impact:  Confections & Connections was able to provide 864 Nutritious Meals to food insecure children throughout the Mid-South!! 

The Mid-South Food Bank is nothing less than an amazing charitable organization. Their focus is on feeding the need or as they say, the food insecure. The organization serves children, families, and seniors who do not always have access to enough food to meet basic needs. In 2014 alone, the Mid-South Food Bank provided food for an estimated 230,000 different people. The organization served nearly 94,000 households throughout the year and also provided food assistance to about 23,000 different people each week. Amazing. Needless to say, the Mid-South Food Bank makes a difference, and a big one at that.

It did not take me long to decide that the Mid-South Food Bank would be Confections & Connections first project. After looking around their website and seeing the impact they make on Memphis and the other 30 counties they serve, I was in. So my Mom and I filled out a volunteer form, got our background checks, went to orientation, and then had the opportunity to volunteer at the Kids Café, one of the various volunteer programs the Food Bank provides. We chose the Kids Café because both of us have a soft spot for children, especially those who are less fortunate and may need a little extra TLC. Not to mention, 26% of those served by the Mid-South Food Bank are children 18 and under. At the Kids Café, my mom and I helped to cook and serve meals after school to children involved in the Boys and Girls Club (another great organization). This was a great experience and I hope to be able to volunteer again soon.

The Mid-South Food Bank makes it easy to get involved and help those here in our own community. They have various volunteer opportunities and ALWAYS need volunteers who are willing to lend a helping hand. They also have figured out how to convert just ONE dollar into THREE nutritious meals, how cool is that?

When Project #1 came to an end, Confections and Connections was able to provide 864 NUTRITIOUS MEALS to food insecure children throughout the Mid-South!! Thanks to my first customers and a few donations, 864 children are a little less hungry today. After the donation, I received a handwritten thank you note that meant the world to me and that I will cherish forever. I want to share it with you because even though it was addressed to me, this would not have been possible without YOUR help (and love for sweets):

“Dear Ms. Loebel, Please accept this note of gratitude for your recent gift to the Food Bank. Your generous support shines a ray of hope on children facing food insecurity.”

“a ray of hope,” I love that. Want to help provide hope to more children, families, or seniors in the Mid-South? Consider volunteering or donating to the Mid-South Food Bank. As little as $1 goes a long way. I guarantee you will make someone’s day a little brighter, including your own!